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Andiamo Italiano

About us

Mrs. Ann

Ann has had 3 life-long dreams:

First, to experience Italy. This dream came true in 2008. The previous year, Ann was shocked to hear her 93-year old mother, Dorothy, not normally known to be tuned into the wants and dreams of others, insist that, upon her death, Ann must use part of her inheritance to visit Italy. Dorothy died in 2007, and Ann did indeed visit Rome, Florence, Lucca, and Cinque Terre. She longs to return and explore Naples, Venice, the Italian Alps, and of course, go back to Florence!

The second dream was to turn her passion for cooking and serving fabulous food into a career. This dream came true unexpectedly in 2018. Ann’s dear friend and daughter of the heart, Daniela Marcone, had moved out of state, and felt she could no longer be solely responsible for Andiamo’s success. But she could only sell the restaurant to someone who loved it as much as she did. So she called Ann and said, “You have to buy Andiamo!” She met every objection with a solution, including assurance that she would remain involved as a consultant on food, wine, and all other creative aspects of the business. And so Ann became a restauranteur, and fulfilled her second dream.

The third dream . . . well, meet me at Andiamo sometime and we’ll talk about that over a glass of wine!


Daniela Marcone

It was not the food business that brought Daniela Marcone from her native Naples, Italy, to Austin, Texas. But with her expertise of Italian food and her flair for hospitality, Marcone quickly found a home at Andiamo Ristorante, back in 2004.

When in 2009 Andiamo was in danger of closing, Marcone purchased the Italian gem and began transforming it into a beacon of Italian culture, updating the menu with classic, seasonal Italian cuisine driven by fresh, local ingredients and traditional recipes.

Soon Andiamo began to be presented on local news and had recognition nation wide for authenticity ! Daniela was often present on local and national tv news promoting her passion for her culture and Andiamo.

She continues to cooperate with Ann for Andiamo's success and will always consider Andiamo her first love!

Right and Left Hand of the Business

Victor Ibarra | Executive Chef

Victor Ibarra

Chef Ibarra's formal culinary experience began in California at "Il Ristorante L'Opera" for over 20 years, and continued with extensive training under the wing of Mario Batali, which gave Chef Victor the opportunity to shine amongst celebrity chefs at the Oscar Governors Ball official after party over the years of his career in California.

In 2007 the restaurant where he worked, sent Victor to open up a new location in Austin Tx. After few months he met Daniela, and decided to accept her offer as Andiamo's executive Chef and take the restaurant to the next level!